Friday, June 26

w Ron g Kind of Vote on Global Warming

Ron Kind made a terrible decision in voting for the Cap and Trade Carbon taxing bill today. Even as more and more scientists and countries begin to question the science of man made global warming, Kind voted to add almost $3,000 to every families yearly cost. What about for Wisconsin specifically? According to the Heritage Foundation studies on the impact of the bill, particularly hard-hit industries are agriculture, transportation, chemicals, wood products, machinery, paper, plastics & rubber, electrical equipment & appliances, construction and of course manufacturing.

Except for the petroleum production, this list IS Wisconsin.

Even as we see the Janesville WI GM plant destroyed by government policies, we can expect this same regulation to entrap much of the rest of the state. 

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Jake said...


Once again you spread misinformation. That an average family would have to pay an extra $3,100 a year in energy costs if it passed. But that number is based on a distortion of a 2007 MIT study -- a distortion that has since been discredited by one of the study's authors.

A recent Congressional Budget Office analysis that found that the bill's net impact to households would eventually range between a benefit of $40 per year and a cost of $340 per year, with an average cost of $175 per year.