Friday, June 26

w Ron g Kind of Vote on Global Warming

Ron Kind made a terrible decision in voting for the Cap and Trade Carbon taxing bill today. Even as more and more scientists and countries begin to question the science of man made global warming, Kind voted to add almost $3,000 to every families yearly cost. What about for Wisconsin specifically? According to the Heritage Foundation studies on the impact of the bill, particularly hard-hit industries are agriculture, transportation, chemicals, wood products, machinery, paper, plastics & rubber, electrical equipment & appliances, construction and of course manufacturing.

Except for the petroleum production, this list IS Wisconsin.

Even as we see the Janesville WI GM plant destroyed by government policies, we can expect this same regulation to entrap much of the rest of the state. 

Monday, June 22

Chrsit the King Lutheran Church near Spring Valley

Are you looking for a church in the Spring Valley area that is Lutheran in doctrine and yet has a sincere

desire to preach the Word of God? Christ the King Lutheran Church in Wilson Wisconsin shares your desire to worship the Lord in all the glory and majesty.

Worship Service Times

9:00am Sunday Worship

10:30 Truth Project 

Sunday, June 21

Climate Change Reconsidered: 25,000 Scientists

An important work has been published by prominent scientists and signed by thousands that questions the whole man made global warming fraud. Don't get caught swallowing the lure before you read Climate Change Reconsidered.

Thursday, June 18

Around the Web: Website Development

I just created a website for my church Christ the King Lutheran. I again used Joomla to create the website--a CMS I continue to be very impressed with. The biggest part of Joomla is the extensions that you can plug into it. Do not like the editor? Find a plug in that does it. Want to add pictures or a special way to edit the HTML? Again there are thousands of extensions many of them which you can use for free.

For website hosting I used Fatcows. Not only do they provide one of the cheapest plans but they also have top of the line customer support. I had used GoDaddy in the past and was satisfied with their price (not as good as FatCows though) but had troubles with their help and site navigation. Fatcows has a better navigation system and less service advertisements. It is simple, clean, and effective.

I have had a few issues with server speed, but they seem to have addressed those. If you do use Fat cows, please enter my website ( in as your referral and I will get a slight discount on my next membership renewal.

Wednesday, June 17

Menomonie Strawberries!

You looking for a good taste of strawberries this summer? Red Cedar Valley Farms has the best strawberries in Menomonie. They should be starting tomorrow and will be available soon in Menomonie, Eau Claire, Hudson and Baldwin. You can check out the website here for updates.

Monday, June 15

Serious Cutting of Gov't

It is true that Republicans have lost much of their credibility when it comes to lower spending by being complacent and even advocates for bigger government. In fact, they still aren't getting it. Their report they spend 99% as much as President Obama according to Heritage.

Brian Riedl also offers some other ways that Republicans could and should advance to cut the size of government.

 * Eliminating the $60 billion spent annually on corporate welfare programs.
 * Reducing farm subsidies for large and profitable agribusinesses, which actually worsen the farm economy.
 * Devolving functions like highways, economic development, education, housing, and anti-poverty programs to state and local governments that are closest to the people. This would eliminate the expensive Washington middleman, and tailoring local programs to local needs (while eliminating failed programs) would surely save tax dollars.  Given the unpopularity of Washington, this should be a no-brainer.
 * Most importantly, addressing Social Security and Medicare, which would otherwise require a doubling of all current tax rates. A logical place to start would be a progressive indexing of Social Security benefits for upper-income seniors and also stopping over-subsidizing the Medicare B and D premiums for upper-income seniors.

Should Concepts be Patented?

Monday, June 8

Shelby Steele Hits the Problem with Sotomayor

on the head when it comes to her elevation over race.

Hispanic Conservative on Sotomayor

She thinks her "wise latina" comment shouldn't have been criticized harshly. You know, just accept it that your skin color, determines your ability to judge.

Thursday, June 4

Microsoft responds in positive way to porn criticism

Microsoft's new search engine Bing had come under harsh criticism from family advocates for lack of porn filters. To the credit of the software giant they responded today (one day after launch) by adding the possibility for network administrators and parents to add safety controls to the Bing search.  

Ecuador Gov't v. Chevron Recap

Image by erjkprunczyk via Flickr
Ecuador suffers from one of the worst environmental disasters in the world in an oil spill in the Amazon jungle. You can read the Chevron side here and the Gov't supported side here.

One would really have to be a judge and see all the evidence to make a final and conclusive judgement on the matter, but after reading both sides the fault and blame seems to fall most heavily on the shoulders of the government of Ecuador.

The Ecuador gov't started out with a 25% stake in the operation that rose to 65% and finally to total control in 1992. Texaco/Chevron and others had much of the control of the operations but had to constantly wind their way through the loops of gov't control. When Chevron finally was given the boot out of the country they negotiated an exemption from liability with the government with a clean up of their portion of the problem that cost $40 million. Did they actually clean up what they said they would? The government then said yes, and signed the contract. Outside interest groups now say no, and want to hold Chevron responsible.

I might sound like a broken record soon, but I firmly believe that good government is about following the law, and that includes the government as well. The Ecuadorian government followed few laws.

In 1999 a new law was passed that created a loophole for new Chevron liability in the case. An ex post facto or retroactive law was passed to make it possible for not only the government to hold Chevron responsibile but individuals as well. This violated the Ecuadorian constitution.

Further, the present government of Ecuador has threatened to dismiss any judge that rules in favor of Chevron. Say goodbye to an independent judiciary.

This whole scenario reminds me of John Adam's position in the Boston Massacre. John Adam's at the peril of his career and even safety argued in defense of the soldiers who shot and killed individuals at a Massachusetts protest. Why? Because the law supported them.

Chevron might not be a nice company. Maybe they are. That should not matter. Those responsible should bare the costs, and that appears to be the Ecuadorian government.

Monday, June 1

If we only could tax gov't stupidity not gas companies

Image via Wikipedia
The oil company tax that Doyle has proposed has hit several snags along the way.

The Chicago-Tribune Reports:

[T]he nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, have questioned whether Wisconsin can legally or practically stop large oil companies like Exxon and British Petroleum from raising prices at the pump to make up for the state tax.

No other state taxes oil companies and bars them from passing the tax along at the pump, the Fiscal Bureau said.


"It is likely the oil industry will litigate swiftly in the hope that successful litigation would put an end to any efforts by other states to enact similar provisions," the Fiscal Bureau said in a memo for lawmakers.

The tax is a percentage based on revenues of the oil companies, not their profits as Doyle has repeatedly characterized it. Because fuel may be bought and sold several times before it gets to the pump, tracking the costs of each buyer and seller would be difficult, the Fiscal Bureau said.

So this law is not only wrong because of the higher taxes, but legally it appears fishy as well. And if the companies get lower profits in Wisconsin what is going to keep them from just leaving the state? Or at minimum building fewer gas stations or offering fewer services (like free air) with your gas purchase. There is no free lunch and that goes for the government as much as the consumer.

Really, if you hate Exxon Mobil don't buy gas from them. Taxing them will only make your gas purchasing more expensive one way or another. I for one have a bigger contempt for bad and illogical government laws.