Monday, July 20

Church works with Homosexual Mayor to Help

Now, you might be thinking this is some liberal mainline church. Nope. Its the conservative churches. In an interesting merging of working with a government that is at odds with many of the basic beliefs of Christians. So here is the important question: Is the church abandoning its first and final mission of sharing the gospel? Not when asked directly. Is the care they give contingent on belief? The answer is again no. It is Season of Service in Portland Oregon.

Thursday, July 16

China Steals Code and More

ZDNet reports that the Chinese government has stolen a computer program called Cybersitter for their Green Dam spy software.

Then the companies' servers crash after they threaten to sue. hmmmmm.

Tuesday, July 14

Small Biz Tax

Roberts Influence

John Roberts has had an important and and yet more hidden wide ranging influence. Just another evidence of his influence are the confirmation hearings. Not only has judge Sotomayor admitted against her earlier statements that Constitution is not a living document but can only be changed by Amendments, but the very analogy of a baseball umpire has become the standard by which the Senators have asked their questions.