Thursday, January 21

Children Win in Prop 8 support testimony.

While Mass. voted for change away from Obamamania, some brave people in California are working tirelessly to preserve marriage and freedom of religion.
The Alliance Defense Fund is in the middle of the fight even as the state of California fails to support their own constitution. The Alliance Defense Fund has the updates right from the courtroom.

Some of the most telling points:

The judge tried to broadcast the testimony on TV and needed the Supreme Court to step in and put it in line (not surprising from a San Fransisco judge I guess). The Constitutional opponents have been downright ruthlessly hateful in their response to supporters of the amendment threatening professional and financial ruin for those who supported this position. Partly because of these threats the Supreme Court required the witness testimony to be kept off TV.

Testimony by those against traditional marriage have been forced to concede that a children are best raised in a traditional, stable, Mom and Dad family. I think the powerful evidence of the positive influence that BOTH a Mom and Dad have is not surprising, but enlightening in a nation of high divorce and increased disrespect shown toward traditional families.