Thursday, January 21

Two things Doyle Could Learn From McDonnell

Bob McDonnell is the new Governor in the state of Virginia and some of his ideas to help turn around the economy in the state should be considered by Doyle.

1. McDonnell is proposing making starting a business easier:
And he wants to make Virginia the easiest state in America in which to open a business by allowing currently licensed businesses to operate new ventures under the license they already have while waiting for a new one to be processed, ensure that new businesses can get approvals complete in 48 hours and waive fees for veterans starting a business.
As we all know, it is efficient businesses that create jobs. This sounds like a no-brainer to me. Let`s make Virginia the second easiest place to open a business.

2. McConnell wants to drill for oil and national gas offshore. Wisconsin does not have that option. However, Wisconsin could utilize resources like forests on national parks in a responsible manner in the same way. Even better, Wisconsin has to find a way to decrease the price of energy and gasoline in the state. High energy is a huge drag on the economy.

And take note: the first idea does not need one more dollar of state spending to make it happen. 0$

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Darcy said...

Oh, so that's why my relatives in Virginia wanted me to move in with them when they heard that I wanted to start a business. Well, in my case, it's going to be my first. I hope that it's going to be easy to get a license in Virginia. I have to talk with my team about this. We need the proper tools for the job: the software, the hardware, the supplies, etc. For the software, we need the basic typical desktop publishing bundles, the accounting software (Peachtree Quantum) and a software where we can do our 3D drawings (AutoCAD, perhaps). We need the latest versions of these, of course. What was assigned to me was to handle Peachtree Quantum 2011.

Anyway, thanks for sharing a little something about Governor McDonnell. This confirmed the reason why my folks wanted me to move to Virginia.