Tuesday, February 2

Pepsi Social Media and Religious Discrimination

Pepsi is on top of the new field of advertisement, but with an offensive twist. Bowing out of spending millions of dollars on the Super Bowl, Pepsi instead has decided to launch a social media advertisement campaign based on helping nonprofits while discriminating against any nonprofit that "involve religious advocacy."

The only other substantive qualifications deal with age, operating within the United States and that the project can be done on time. There is not even any of the classic concern about discrimination on the basis of race, origin, etc. That could have been more acceptable but then again, what if I want help Boy Scouts go camping? That would discriminate against girls. But if I want to help out the homeless with biblical principles of honesty and hard work--nope.

No, the best thing for Pepsi to do, is to ax the discrimination completely. They already are asking their customers to vote, why can't they decide as well if they want to support the Salvation Army or World Vision if they want to?

Go to Pepsi refresh now and comment on their wall. If social media works, we can show how this hurts some of our most valuable nonprofits.