Tuesday, April 27

The right and technology

Mary Katherine Ham does an excellent job engaging the issue of the right's use of new media.

A case
study of the Brown campaign’s social media presence by Word Stream
a search engine marketing company, actually identified Brown’s momentum
before polling or the political class did. Their final count found he
had a ten to one advantage in web traffic, ten to one in YouTube views,
three to one in Twitter followers, and four to one in Facebook

Perry proclaimed himself a “gadget guy” to a group of Austin
technologists over a beer at the Chili Parlor. “It’s a very normal thing
for me in my life to be using a GPS when they first came out, and LORAN
before that,” referring to the radio-based navigation system that was a
precursor of the modern GPS.

His staff says he often surprises people when they see him tweeting
on his mobile phone. “Governor Perry has made [technology] a priority in
his everyday life. It’s because he can change the way he interacts with
the people of Texas,” says Will Franklin, director of new media for the