Thursday, May 13

The Political Hoodwinking of My Generation

Really we are sheep being led off to the slaughter. Everyone else looks at our generation and laughs. It's not that we are some sort of Woodstock generation. Indeed in many ways we have a responsible attitude when it comes to the world. But we have been used. 

Go back to the back to 2008. During the time I was living in Madison Wisconsin in the middle of thousands of kids my age or just a bit younger. Everyone was tripping over themselves trying to support Obama. In fact it was so accepted that everyone was an Obama fan that it wasn't even controversial. If you wanted to be a lefty radical you had to support Cynthia McKinney for President. (You know the one that hit the Capital Police). 

Now take a look at where we are at today. What did my generation get for its mass support of Obama? Well we got Obamacare. Like that works well for us. One of the key features of the bill was an individual mandate--forcing younger and healthier workers to pay for older citizens who normally have health issues. AARP and other groups successfully lobbied not only that everyone be forced to get insurance but that that insurers can only charge older less healthy people three times as much. The CBO readily admits that this rate forces the young to subsidize the older, less healthy individuals. And that is on top of the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security liability younger workers must foot. (More on that in a bit). 

Next we got the bailouts. And we paid for it with more debt. Everyone agrees that the current debt load in unsustainable. When we have to go the way of Greece and start paying for that debt with less services and or higher taxes it will be my generation that foots the bill. 

Oh, and remember, those bailouts were suppose to help the economy and keep unemployment low. Guess what? Unemployment while terrible over-all is the some of the worst among the young. We didn't benefit when the gov't guarded those 401K plans but right now the unemployment rate among 20-24 year-olds stands at around 16%.

I'm not wanting another hand-out or more paid 'volunteers' at Americops. Can someone just stop the stealing and mismanagement? 

I would thank you. 


Tuesday, May 11

Two Questions on Elena Kagan

First is her judicial philosophy. Does she agree with the Constitution? What standard does she use to understand this foundation of our government? Is she inclined to find penumbra (shadow) rights within the document? Does she try and understand the real and literal meaning of those who created it? These are legitimate questions of a justice. How well does she show that she is no respecter of people, only the law. 

Second, does she have the judicial temperament and ability to fill the role? Does she have the the knowledge and ability to parse exceedingly complex concepts and come to a just and equitable conclusion without any bias? A big part of this process is her interaction with the rest of the court. Even if she does not agree with them, can there be a level of respect for her from her fellow justices and those that come before her? Interestingly, that is the question that was asked by the left-leaning Salon magazine. They found Kagan to be sorely lacking in the ability to interact and persuade the Supreme Court in her appearances before it. It will be important for her to answer questions about how she can relate and persuade. 

Other concerns include her treatment of the law in the past. Harvard Law under her direction kept the Military off of their campus in spite of laws to the contrary because they disagreed with their position on homosexuals in the military. And now she is suppose to be someone who upholds the law? She should answer for her time at Harvard. 

At least Credit Bill Gates with Climate Honesty

I have not been sold on the whole Global Warming deal, but if I were, Bill Gates and his cloud ships would be a great first thing to look at. After all, it is much cheaper than many of the extremely expensive energy taxes proposed by the left. 

Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire, is funding research into machines to suck up ten tonnes of seawater every second and spray it upwards. This would seed vast banks of white clouds to reflect the Sun’s rays away from Earth.The British and American scientists involved do not intend to wait for international rules on technology that deliberately alters the climate. They believe that the weak outcome of December’s climate summit in Copenhagen means that emissions will continue to rise unchecked and that the world urgently needs an alternative strategy to protect itself from global warming.Many methods of cooling the planet, collectively known as geoengineering, have been proposed. They include rockets to deploy millions of mirrors in the stratosphere and artificial trees to suck carbon dioxide from the air. Most would be prohibitively expensive and could not be deployed for decades.However, a study last year calculated that a fleet of 1,900 ships costing £5 billion could arrest the rise in temperature by criss-crossing the oceans and spraying seawater from tall funnels to whiten clouds and increase their reflectivity.

Tuesday, May 4

Facebook Comments

Have you seen the ability to use your facebook login to comment? I saw it on the CNN site the other day. This will be the wave of the future, since most users already have a facebook account and don't want to create a new account simply to post a comment. Lower the threshold and you will get much more interaction. I found I can even implement facebook comments with Joomla. The hitch? Right now the system is a bit fat. Pages take a bit long to load.

Donation and Tithing with Plastic

Most people my age hate any money that is paper. Checks? You have to actually write out the amount you want to spend, and then balance a checkbook? And bills are only in possession in a straight line from ATM to merchant. But you still need the paper for small time purchases like farmers markets, donating to a candidate for a fundraiser or tithing at church. Not anymore. Check out They enable even a chalk painter in New York to swipe plastic and get a donation with an iPhone. Next up: persuade my churchwe need to strap a square enable iPhone to the offering plate.