Tuesday, May 4

Donation and Tithing with Plastic

Most people my age hate any money that is paper. Checks? You have to actually write out the amount you want to spend, and then balance a checkbook? And bills are only in possession in a straight line from ATM to merchant. But you still need the paper for small time purchases like farmers markets, donating to a candidate for a fundraiser or tithing at church. Not anymore. Check out squareus.com. They enable even a chalk painter in New York to swipe plastic and get a donation with an iPhone. Next up: persuade my churchwe need to strap a square enable iPhone to the offering plate. 


James A. N. Stauffer said...

squareus.com isn't registered anymore. I use my bank's BillPay to send to my church. I haven't put anything in the offering plate for years.

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