Thursday, May 13

The Political Hoodwinking of My Generation

Really we are sheep being led off to the slaughter. Everyone else looks at our generation and laughs. It's not that we are some sort of Woodstock generation. Indeed in many ways we have a responsible attitude when it comes to the world. But we have been used. 

Go back to the back to 2008. During the time I was living in Madison Wisconsin in the middle of thousands of kids my age or just a bit younger. Everyone was tripping over themselves trying to support Obama. In fact it was so accepted that everyone was an Obama fan that it wasn't even controversial. If you wanted to be a lefty radical you had to support Cynthia McKinney for President. (You know the one that hit the Capital Police). 

Now take a look at where we are at today. What did my generation get for its mass support of Obama? Well we got Obamacare. Like that works well for us. One of the key features of the bill was an individual mandate--forcing younger and healthier workers to pay for older citizens who normally have health issues. AARP and other groups successfully lobbied not only that everyone be forced to get insurance but that that insurers can only charge older less healthy people three times as much. The CBO readily admits that this rate forces the young to subsidize the older, less healthy individuals. And that is on top of the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security liability younger workers must foot. (More on that in a bit). 

Next we got the bailouts. And we paid for it with more debt. Everyone agrees that the current debt load in unsustainable. When we have to go the way of Greece and start paying for that debt with less services and or higher taxes it will be my generation that foots the bill. 

Oh, and remember, those bailouts were suppose to help the economy and keep unemployment low. Guess what? Unemployment while terrible over-all is the some of the worst among the young. We didn't benefit when the gov't guarded those 401K plans but right now the unemployment rate among 20-24 year-olds stands at around 16%.

I'm not wanting another hand-out or more paid 'volunteers' at Americops. Can someone just stop the stealing and mismanagement? 

I would thank you. 



Jake said...

Other than 'Obamacare' which was so slice up by republicans to be what republicans originally espoused years ago Obama is in no way liberal or progressive. He has continued all programs Bush had put in place. Even adding in a new war. No he is republican lite. Lucas you on the extreme right are getting what you ask for - corporate control and coddling of the richest at the expense of the poorest. I suspect we in the U.S. will continue until the extreme gets it all and the country hits rock bottom. It's unfortunate but that is the only thing that will wake most idiots up.

Pointing out the thing about the younger, healthier paying for the oldsters is kind of ridiculous too since that is what insurance is all about. Spread the risk out to as many people as possible. Sure insurance companies would love to insure only healthy, but what good is that? Do you think making people have auto insurance is a good idea? Are the good drivers getting ripped off then?

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